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Tree Trimming LexingtonTree Trimming Lexington

Need some help with tree trimming in Lexington? Until a homeowner has to replace a tree damaged by disease or a storm, its value as an asset to their property is seldom appreciated. Trees take time to grow and mature and are easy to take for granted. However, it is those carefully selected and maintained trees that often provide the finishing touch to a home’s appearance and enhance its value. Our experts at tree trimming in Lexington adds significantly to a home’s overall presentation.

It can take thousands of dollars to replace a diseased, damaged or fallen tree. Even if a tree is not replaced, a tree that is not cared for will impact a home’s overall appearance. If a tree is carefully trimmed and maintained it has more probability of growing into an attractive and even majestic addition to a home.

Tree Trimmers LexingtonTree Trimmers Lexington

As trees mature, they naturally grow limbs and branches. Depending on the type of tree, the importance of careful shaping and trimming starts early. This is especially true for trees that bear fruit or have heavy limbs. The presence or removal of limbs determines the ultimate shape and attractiveness of a tree and it is important to deal with this process at least annually.

A professional tree trimmer knows just what limbs need to be removed and which ones are simply shaped. It takes experience and training to visualize just how a particular limb affects the long-term shape and appearance of a tree. Tree trimming Lexington homeowners select reflects this appreciation for providing appropriate care during a tree’s growth and in maturity.

Disease is a major concern for all trees and some varieties are especially vulnerable. A regular professional check of the general health of your trees and their exposure to disease is an important preventive step to take. Many potentially serious problems with trees are simply not noticed by the untrained person.

Lexington Tree TrimmingLexington Tree Trimming

Proper feeding and watering of trees is also an important part of their care. If you are placing new trees, consult with a professional. They can evaluate watersheds and soil conditions. For existing trees, fertilizer is usually necessary during the appropriate times of the year. Watering your trees thoroughly is necessary if there is a period of excessive heat or drought.

One additional consideration is that many cities and government entities regulate the trimming or removal of trees. Professional trimming services can advise homeowners on any issues regarding Lexington tree trimming regulations for their particular area.